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For over 25 years, The Almond Company has been marketing almonds for the Harris Family and their valued growers. Processing over 100 million pounds of almonds, The Almond Company has positioned itself as a leader in the industry specializing in the packing and shipping of both inshell and brown skin almonds domestically and across the globe.


The Almond Company’s growers work around the clock to farm and harvest a crop each year. As stewards of the environment and land, growers put their trust in The Almond Company to provide them with a safe, consistent and honest return. Our growers are at the heart of our business and of the utmost importance to our company. The Almond Company has a fiduciary duty to market almonds responsibly and successfully and this duty is not taken lightly.


The Almond Company’s buyers count on us for impeccable quality so they can, in turn, add value to almonds that will ultimately be used to feed the world. Our buyers are valued and appreciated and because of that, The Almond Company does not consider a sale as a transaction; but rather a mutually beneficial partnership carried with honesty and respect.


Once almonds are received from the huller/sheller, The Almond Company sorts, sizes and grades inventory. Through extensive experience, we are able to work efficiently and take advantage of economies of scale, which many processors in California are unable to do, due to capacity. Honesty, transparency and integrity are hallmarks of The Almond Company’s success. Through these basic pillars, we’re able to create a road map to our ultimate goal of being our customers' most trusted partner.

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